Why join AMASI

  • Your individual voice counts
  • Your initiative is welcomed.
  • Your hard work gains you recognition
  • Excellence is rewarded.

If you are an enthusiastic surgeon, interested in minimal access surgery or if you are an endoscopist interested in minimally invasive management of gastrointestinal ailments, JOIN AMASI.

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Active Members should be:

  • A general surgeon practising in India.
  • Member of the ASI.

Associate Members can be:

  • Surgical residents
  • Any surgeon practising in India and not a member of the ASI.
  • Any gastroenterologist interested in the field of endoscopy.
  • Any gynecologist performing laparoscopic surgery.

International Associate Member can be:

  • Any surgeon, endoscopist or gynecologist practising outside India.

Honorary Member

  • The Association may confer honorary membership. Honorary membership will be reserved for those who made significant contributions to clinical or academic surgery and academic medicine but need not be in active surgical practice. Honorary Members shall have no voting privileges nor be eligible for election to office or appointment to the Board. They may, however, be appointed to committees ex officio.

Only Active Members have the right to contest and vote in the Association’s elections and have a role in policy making.

The fee structure is as follows

  • Active Member: Rs. 2000/=
  • Associate Member: Rs.2000/=
  • International Associate Member: $300/-
    Associate Members, on becoming ASI members, may convert to Active Members by submitting a copy of the ASI Membership Certificate.

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