History of AMASI

Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India ( AMASI) was started in the year 2003 as a subsection of Association of Surgeons of India (AS1). Under the guidance of the Founder President Dr. C. Palanivclu. this chapter had phenomenal growth with members from every nook and comer of the country. The main objective of the chapter is to provide education & training to surgeons in the field of Laparoscopic Surgery. Dr.C Palanivelu is renowned internationally not only as an exceptional Laparoscopic Surgeon but also a good teacher and author. Thanks to his efforts, laparoscopy is now being performed even at taluk level. Dr. C Palanivelu has been awarded B.C. Roy Award for his excellence in spreading laparoscopic surgery in India. AMASI now boasts a membership of over 12000 active members which is one of the largest Minimal Access Surgical Associations in the World.

AMASI is engaged in conducting skill courses and awarding fellowships to the deserving candidates. These skill courses have become hallmark of the Association ii terms of surgical education and maintaining standards. Besides organizing skill course AMASI is also organizing Zonal CMEs and workshops in different parts of the countr with live demonstration of basic to advanced surgeries. The main thrust of the Association is to increase the penetration of laparoscopy in India. It is indeed making rapid strides towards its mission of "MAS for mass".